Mercedes-Benz Beats Both BMW and Audi in Germany

In terms of overall sales for 2013 there are nothing but good news for the three-pointed star. After managing to return to the number one place in terms of luxury car sales in the United States, Mercedes-Benz recreates the good news in Germany as well.
Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe 1 photo
With a total of no less than 277,373 units sold in Germany during 2013, the Stuttgart brand has managed to pass both the Munchen folks and the Ingolstadt homies, and by a rather large margin we might add.

BMW sold only 231,815 cars in 2013, while Audi did a little better with 251,952 units, but both didn't even come close to Mercedes-Benz, who also managed to get a market share of 9.4 percent, compared to the 7.9 percent achieved by BMW and 8.5 percent by Audi.

The funny bit is that Mercedes-Benz sold more cars than popular car brands as well, such as Ford or Opel, with the only other brand to sell more cars in Germany being Volkswagen, who registered 642,190 vehicle during 2013.

Story via MB Passion


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