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Mercedes-Benz, AMG Issue One Hot Recall Stateside for More Models Than This Title Can Fit

Mercedes probably has a hard time keeping track of all the recalls that they have conducted this year. Fortunately, the latest one announced doesn’t affect that many cars, in the U.S. of A. at least.
2021 Mercedes-AMG G 63 7 photos
2021 Mercedes-AMG G 632021 Mercedes-AMG G 632021 Mercedes-AMG G 632021 Mercedes-AMG G 632021 Mercedes-AMG G 632021 Mercedes-AMG G 63
Only 139 vehicles will have to be driven back to the dealers for repairs, all of which were put together between May 27, 2016, and May 14, 2020. Are you sitting down? OK, let’s go through the models.

These comprise the 2016 C 300, 2019 C 300, E 300, G 550, AMG G 63, AMG GT 53, AMG GT 63, 2019-2020 A 220, GLA 250, GLC 300, and 2020 CLA 250, E 350, E 450, GLB 250, GLE 450, GLS 450, GLS 580, S 560, SL 550, AMG A 35, AMG C 43, and AMG C 63.

All of them could catch fire in a more extreme scenario due to a fuel leakage in the engine compartment, because of trapped debris that might damage the seal between the fuel rail and fuel injector. The problem is blamed on “a deviation in the production process,” during which the fuel rail and fuel injectors “might not have been cleaned properly prior to assembly.

Does it sound like a sloppy job? That’s because it is, and as a result, owners will have to sniff possible fuel odors and take a look at the instrument cluster every now and then to see if the ‘check engine’ light is on.

The fix isn’t that easy, as authorized technicians will have to replace the fuel rail and fuel injectors in all affected vehicles. Owners who may have taken the matter into their own hands can be reimbursed, provided that they can prove it. The recall will commence next year, and the planned owner notification date is scheduled for February 8. Dealers are aware of the problem, as they were informed last week.


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