Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190) Caught in Production Trim

With the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (C197) singing its swan song through 350 units of the Final Edition - launched at the 2013 LA Auto Show - the peeps from AMG are ironically even busier as they are getting ready to launch the next Affalterbach land missile, the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190).
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190) 12 photos
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-Benz AMG GT (C190)
Caught here in a (not so) secret testing facility, the C190 project is coming along just fine, as the pre-production prototype in the photos bellow is using much less camouflage than previous ones, signaling that the car is getting closer to its launch date.

Initially, we thought that both the GT and the SLS could coexist peacefully in the Mercedes-Benz range, with the smaller model being perceived like a party-sized SLS AMG but without the Gullwing doors.

Apparently, we were dead wrong and the GT will so many versions that it will actually replace the entire SLS AMG range.

With the Porsche 911 in its three-pointed sights, the car will have an engine range starting from the M276 DELA 30 twin-turbo V6 up to a hardcore version of the upcoming M177/M178 twin-turbo V8. This means that that gigantic hood will harbor between 333+ hp and 650+ hp, with some unconfirmed reports that the GT may also get an all-wheel drive version.


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