Mercedes-AMG Salutes You from the Outer Limits of Physics

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The AMG brand is on a roll recently. They've rethought their naming scheme, further setting their models apart from the rest of the Mercedes range, and also launching a plethora of new models.
Among them, the new Mercedes-AMG GT S stands out as the only AMG-only model, a sort of flag bearer for the Affalrterbach company that's the quintessence of everything the AMG name stands for.

It makes sense, then, that it would be heavily featured in Mercedes-AMG's latest promotional clip that tries to convince us of the brand's sporty DNA. It shouldn't be too hard, right?

They've come up with a little campaign called "Driven by the inner force" that focuses on the emotional side of owning and driving a Mercedes-AMG car.

The first thing you come into contact with is this short, 30-second clip you can see below. It's a sort of greetings speech, welcoming you to an imaginary land of AMG. And we quote: "It marks the end of what can be explained with physics, and the beginning of moments that won't ever get out of your head."

Then, you are directed towards a special section on AMG's site where three more sections await you. This is where it really gets interesting. Interesting, as in slightly funny.

The first one is called "Sorry, Mr. Newton" and, as the name suggests, it tells us about the AMG's ambition to constantly challenge the laws of physics and the enjoyment this brings to the company's engineers.

Second, there's the "Goosebumps never lie" section, which talks about how easy it is to grade a car based on its "wow-factor," on the experiences it offers. It tells you to ignore cold hard data and just go with the flow, choose whatever you like, whatever makes you feel more alive and never look back.

Thirdly, AMG tells us that "Asphalt has feelings, too" and they're the ones who know best how to make it happy.

If you're having trouble reading the text on AMG's website, please notice the rounded red button with a plus sign on it - the one I missed until the very last page, having squinted over the previous two.

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