Mercedes-AMG Redesigns Showroom In Hometown, Comes With Racing Inspiration

Mercedes-AMG, the performance brand that belongs to Daimler AG, has opened an entirely refurbished showroom in its hometown.
Mercedes-AMG opens redesigned showroom in Affalterbach, home of AMG 4 photos
Mercedes-AMG opens redesigned showroomMercedes-AMG opens redesigned showroomMercedes-AMG opens redesigned showroom
We are referring to Affalterbach, which is the home of AMG. The brand has roots in the German town that go as far as five decades ago, when a small workshop was opened in the nearby town of Burgstall.

From there, things reached a scale that was unimaginable in the 1970s for a small tuner, which eventually was acquired by Daimler AG and became a brand that even has unique products, on top of those developed on Mercedes-Benz cars.

The refurbishment of the building took a dozen weeks, and the result is a racetrack-themed showroom. Its floor is made out of a particular type of asphalt that covers the inside and outside areas of the dealership with classic pit lane markings, tire marks, and Start/Finish line.

The room is artificially lengthened with the application of a tunnel graphic, which makes people perceive a bigger space than the real size of the construction.

The changes made to this building could inspire the other establishments created around the world to sell Mercedes-AMG products.

Furthermore, the renovation work performed in Affalterbach can be substantial for customers around the world if they request to collect their new cars from this dealer, or if they solicit a tour of the factory.

AMG already has 400 performance centers incorporated within Mercedes-Benz dealerships across the world, along with the possibility of ordering cars made by this division in all Mercedes-Benz branches.

The idea of the new concept was to have a space that emphasizes its displays, and that still has the character of the brand deeply entwined in the construction. The AMG brand appearance was intentionally set as discreet as possible for this building, while also having an identity that is relatable for potential and existing clients.

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