Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Is Hyped Ahead of the Monaco GP and Wants You to Know It

If Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS made videos like this before every Grand Prix, a lot more people would be watching Formula One, that's for sure. Just give it a try. It'll pump you up, we promise, just like the best half-time prep-talk you've ever had. You'll want to go back in time and become a racing driver, realize you can't, then decide to have a kid and force this career onto him. Don't worry, he'll like it. Well, he would, if he made it - which he probably won't unless your last name is Hamilton or something.
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Truth be told, Formula One has lost some of its appeal in the past decade or so. It's hard to point a finger towards the problem, but also quite useless. What somebody at FIA should be pointing towards is a solution. Something to make Formula One more exciting again. When you have to watch clips from at least twenty years ago to witness the last breathtaking overtake, you just know something is wrong.

It didn't use to be like that. Even back when everybody knew that Schumacher would win the season before it started, there was still something to cheer for. Other drivers would fight for the second place, and then you got one of those races when Schoey was forced to start from the back of the grid, and you'd have a guaranteed extended overtake combo.

Right now, though, it's more about technology than drivers. It's not just that, otherwise the two drivers of the same team would drive side by side, unable to set them apart, but the bias is heavily tilted towards setting up the car.

This weekend, though, we've got the Monaco GP, and this race is always a special occasion. It's not just that the world's richest are watching the cars go through the tunnel from their yachts floating in the Mediterana, it's also the race itself.

This was where some of the most iconic duels took place, and we can always hope for something at least remotely similar. Especially after watching Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS' promotional video. Do it "For the Love of Racing."

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