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Mercedes-AMG One Hits The Track for Private Presentation, Sounds Uninspiring

The Mercedes-AMG One is a fascinating machine, albeit one that seems to be caught between two world with totally different trajectories. So while the hypercar segment in which it plays is stronger than ever, Formula One, the sport that dictated the powertrain choice of the toy, still hasn't found a way to regain serious popularity.
Mercedes-AMG One Hits The Track for Private Presentation 1 photo
Affalterbach has announced that the final delivery kickoff date for the One has been pushed back to the first quarter of 2021, with the culprint being extra testing for emission and noise regulations.

Speaking of decibels, the German carmaker has held a private presentation of the One this week. Held at the Baden-Baded testing facility in Germany, the event saw the hypercar taking on the track, among others.

And, as you'll be able to notice in the Instagram posts below, the voice of the machine isn't exactly the kind the gives one chills down the spine - make sure to use the swipe feature of the second post for the full media, F1 champ Lewis Hamilton presentation and all.

Sure, microphones can be unfair and yet the conclusion above still seems to stand. Then again, this only comes in line with the F1 point in the intro -the leaves-you-wishing-for-more soundtrack of the current F1 cars is just one of the elements holding the Grand Circus back.

In the middle section of the Mercedes AMG One we find a direct-injected 1.6-liter V6 working with an electric compressor. This is joined by three electric motors: each of the first two power the front wheels, while the third assists the said V6, adding low-end torque, for instance.

The overall output of the system sits at 1,000 hp, which allows the One to play the 0 to 120 mph game in six seconds, while giving it a maximum velocity of over 220 mph.

Keep in mind that all 275 units of the beast have already found homes (the price sat at $2.7 million per car).

Now, if you check out the comments section of the first post, you'll find collectors such as Google VP Ben Sloss (yonly65) or Kris Singh (Lamborghiniks) talking about the voice of the said powerplant. And they don't seem to be happy...

Of course, the driving experience isn't decribed by the powertrain alone, so we'll have to wait before reaching an actual conclusion.


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