Mercedes-AMG Is Likely Preparing a V12 Hybrid Supercar - Will Be the Most Powerful Merc Ever

Mercedes-AMG GT3 racecar 1 photo
Photo: Mercedes-Benz
We kind of hoped Mercedes-AMG would make this announcement sooner or later, but we didn't focus too much on it as we wouldn't want to jinx it.
Apparently, other people are less superstitious than we are and managed to pull something out of a Mercedes-AMG official during an informal talk.

While talking to an unnamed product planner for Mercedes-AMG, journalists at obtained the information that indeed there's a more powerful car in the making that will slot above the AMG GT.

To be fair, for all the drama the AMG GT carries with it, it doesn't have the same presence the SLS AMG had. For starters, it's smaller, and while that might be a good thing for better dynamic performances, it's not helping with the jaw-dropping effect.

It's not a real supercar, either. It was built as a Porsche 911 fighter, and as much as we respect the neunelfer, it's just an incredibly good sportscar. The AMG GT might be more about creating a sense of occasion than the Porsche, but that's not enough if Mercedes-AMG wants to have a true flagship car.

But if what we're hearing is true, they will get that car, and it won't be that long until it happens. All clues point towards a V12 engine that's currently in development working together with an electric drivetrain that could consist of one or more motors plus the mandatory battery pack. This means the car will most likely have a hybrid all-wheel drive system and should also be able to offer a limited EV-mode range.

With all the gorgeous new stuff we've just seen from the Mercedes-Benz designers in Frankfurt and the soulful 4.0-liter AMG V8 engine populating the latest Affalterbach models, all the signs are there we're in for a treat. Now, just be patient and hope that talk with the product planner didn't happen late at night in a bar, while he was on a holiday.

* Pictured is the Mercedes-AMG GT3 racecar
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