Mercedes-AMG GT63 S Drag Races Audi TT RS, Obliteration Follows

An untrained eye wouldn't say there are too many similarities between the Audi TT RS and the Mercedes-AMG GT63 S. For one thing, the size difference between these machines is enough to set them apart. However, both the Afflaterbach toy and the Ingolstadt machine are perfect examples of the German engineering might, with these punching above their weight.
Mercedes-AMG GT63 S Drag Races Audi TT RS 5 photos
Mercedes-AMG GT63 S Drag Races Audi TT RSMercedes-AMG GT63 S Drag Races Audi TT RSMercedes-AMG GT63 S Drag Races Audi TT RSMercedes-AMG GT63 S Drag Races Audi TT RS
But what happens when these machines are thrown at each other? Well, the piece of footage at the bottom of the page delivers a nice answer to that question, since it showcases a drag race between the two.

The 639 hp Merc and the 400 hp Audi got together on the Wheeze Airfield in Germany, so the drivers could easily focus on the hooning action. However, the velocity event that brought the velocity tools together involved a... human starting element.

I won't throw any more details your way, since I don't want to risk spoiling the gigles delivered by the video portraying the battle between the two slabs of Germany.

Nevertheless, I have to mention a detail of the GT63 S, since the real world of the four-door coupe is quite far from the official figure. To be more precise, a recent test coming from Russia saw the machine tipping the scales at a hefty 2,170 kg, with this involving a full tank, but no driver.

You can skip to the 1:00 point of the clip below for the sprinting brawl between the Mercedes-AMG GT63S and the Audi TT RS. However, the rest of the clip is also worthy of your attention and that's because the video is packed with such battles - the owner of the TT RS wanted to see how his compact rocket stacks up against a wide range of competitors, so the aficioando decided to engage in one drag race after another.

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