Mercedes-AMG GT Shooting Brake Clay Model Looks too Good to Be True

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, no!" should be the caption for this photo because it will get every shooting brake fan in the world all worked up for no good reason. Yes, this is a depiction of the Mercedes-AMG GT in Shooting Brake form.
Mercedes-AMG GT Shooting Brake Clay Model Is too Good to Be True 2 photos
The original photo of a BMW clay model
At first glance, the image is "legit." Not only is this a clay model, a sneak peek into the development process, but it's also from Mercedes, which was the first company to offer a modern shooting brake (for the previous generation of the CLS).

The wagon-like version of the CLS wasn't wildly successful, but people keep asking for a shooting brake version of every cool car, and it usually works only when automakers can ask a lot of money, like in the case of Aston Martin or Porsche.

The Mercedes-AMG GT came out many years ago and probably won't get another important powertrain update, so a change in body style seems in order. The shooting brake wouldn't actually add that much practicality but might get collectors all hot and bothered.

Unfortunately, the photo is probably a fake waiting for April Fools to arrive. A quick Internet search revealed the same background is the same as that for a clay model of the F40 BMW 1 Series, the new one that came out last year.

We think somebody was able to make a 3D model of the Mercedes-AMG GT Shooting Brake and added the clay texture to everything in KeyShot. After that, he probably needed to match the lighting to the original photo and add some photo grain effect.

But what do you guys think, is this fake? And would you even want to see this design for the more practical AMG sports car? The back could be a little wider, and wrap-around taillights would be nice in our opinion.


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