Mercedes-AMG GT S With Prior Design Widebody Kit Looks as Tough as It Always Should Have

There's no study researching this, but I'm pretty sure very few people who bought the Mercedes-AMG GT S felt the car was in need of a more aggressive look.
Mercedes-AMG GT S with Prior Design widebody kit 3 photos
Mercedes-AMG GT S with Prior Design widebody kitMercedes-AMG GT S with Prior Design widebody kit
Apparently, though, there is at least one such person and he works for Prior Design. The German based tuning company that specializes in... well, pretty much any brand you can think of has just released a widebody conversion kit for the Mercedes-AMG GT S.

Making a sports car wider is always a good idea, as long as you don't overdo it and end up with something that looks like a squashed version of the original. Prior Design know their business and went for discreet modifications with their PD800GT Widebody Aerodynamic-kit.

According to them, all the components are made from quality Fiberglass-Duraflex mix, a material which is both flexible and sturdy and allow for easy and inexpensive painting. All the parts offered by Prior Design can be fitted onto the existing body of the Mercedes-AMG GT S without any supplementary alterations needed. All this makes the package easy to install.

To get into more detail, the package contains a front lip spoiler, a new bonnet, front and rear cupwings, air vents inserts, widened panels, a trunk spoiler, sideskirts add-on spoilers and an impressive rear air diffuser.

In the end, this widebody package makes the standard Mercedes-AMG GT S look positively tame. Prior Design doesn't mention anything about one key important of the whole makeover: the huge wheels that need to fill those equally huge wheel arches. By the looks of it, the ones fitted on the pictured model are a set of their own creation, the PD3FORGED Superlight which come with custom width and range from 18" to 23" in diameter.

There's no word on the kit's total cost, so every interested party will have to speak directly to Prior Design. Since it looks like a top-quality job and it applies to a pretty exotic car, expect it not to come cheap. Nevertheless, if you ask us, any Mercedes-AMG GT S deserves one. Unless, of course, your Mercedes-AMG GT S leaves very little clearance when passing through your garage door. Then, you're excused.


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