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Mercedes-AMG GT S Street Races Lexus RC F

Cue the epic music, as we have a drag race between two of the hottest coupés right now. Of course, we know the Lexus RC F doesn't stand a chance against the AMG GT, but we still want to see how big the gap is.
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Thanks to a much smaller 4-liter V8 engine, the AMG GT "only" has 510 PS. However, it puts the power down like nothing else on the market. It has twin everything, including clutches and turbochargers, plus Porsche-like adaptive engine mounts.

Motor Trend recently named it their Driver's Car of 2015, so it handles as well as it looks. In the drag race they organized, it almost caught the 650 horsepower Corvette Z06.

Of course, we know that that 4-liter twin-turbo engine has much greater potential, and a figure of 600 hp has been achieved by tuners such as Brabus. But the Merc's rival is already at a huge disadvantage, so let's not make this any harder.

The reason for this can be found under the Lexus' bonnet, where you'll find a newly developed naturally-aspirated 5-liter engine that cranks out 457 hp. Matched to an 8-speed automatic, that's enough to get you to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 4.4 seconds. We don't need to tell you the German car is over 1 second faster, but we're going to do it anyway.

So why then would you ever buy a Lexus and risk being humiliated? Because of the… minor price difference. While the base version of the RC F starts at $62,400, the GT S is $130,000. Theoretically, you could buy the Japanese car and still have money for a Porsche Cayman S or a Corvette.

If you're now considering buying the Asian model, you should know that several packages are available as well, with the most important being the $4,400 Premium Package. This adds those cool LED L-shaped headlights, heated/ventilated front seats, blind spot monitoring, carbon fiber interior bits, automatic wipers, electrochromic mirrors and memory seats.

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