Mercedes-AMG GT (C190) With Suicide Doors is Not Real

We are now about three months away from when the first official exterior images with the Mercedes-AMG GT (C190) will hit out computer screens, but this doesn't stop certain tuners and customizers out there to already dream how the production model with look.
Evren Milano AMG GT Rendering 3 photos
Mercedes-AMG GT Rendering by Evren MilanoMercedes-AMG GT Rendering by Evren Milano
The latest customizer to jump into the aforementioned bandwagon is Evren Milano, who managed to create a rendering of their own version of the AMG GT, only spiced up with a couple of extra design details.

Evren Milano are known – among other things – as offering customers elaborated Photoshop jobs of the future cars they may or may not create, but this is the first time that they did something like this even before the actual car it is based on has been unveiled.

As most of you know, the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT (C190) is set to be launched at the 2014 edition of the Paris Motor Show in October, but the first official images with the exterior of the model should appear at the end of August or at the beginning of September.

Until then, Mercedes-AMG has decided to treat us with a a number of teasers that are included in a special website that is dedicated to the upcoming sports car.

Not satisfied with waiting that long in order to offer their customers a way in which they can glance at possible future products, Evren Milano decided to create a rendering that actually fooled some people at first and could have fooled even more if not for common sense or a rather in-your-face rendering glitch.

If our eagle-eyed readers can take a look at the car's reflection in the huge mirror behind the car, they will most definitely see that the reflection is actually that of a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and not of the car rendered. With that being said, what would you say about a modern Mercedes-Benz sports car with suicide doors? We kind of fancy the idea.


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