Mercedes-AMG GT (C190) to Arrive in Showrooms in March 2015

Last April we showed you a batch of spy photos that depicted the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT (C190) sports car in a camouflage never-before-seen on a pre-production Mercedes-Benz prototype.
2015 Mercedes-AMG GT (C190) 8 photos
Mercedes-AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-AMG GT (C190)Mercedes-AMG GT (C190)
The “Hulk on fire” green camouflage was not the only odd bit about the model, as it was also caught in the middle of busy Barcelona, Spain, where it was casually driven around all the major tourist attractions.

Well, now that the latest AMG magazine - called Driving Performance – has been launched, the mystery surrounding the green pre-production prototype spotted in Barcelona has been solved: the entire shenanigans were put together by Mercedes-AMG for an article hyping up the car before its unveil.

Apparently the crazy green camo was created by Mercedes-Benz Design especially for the event and it is called “Poison Green”, although we fail to see how a “regular” camouflage would have created less stir than the one in the images below.

As most of you know, the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT recently received its own website, where a number of teasers involving different parts of the sports car will be unveiled in the following months, with the car's design to come into focus at the end of August, while the AMG GT itself will be officially presented to the public at the 2014 edition of the Paris Motor Show.

Until then, what we know for sure about the car is the fact that its based on an aluminium space-frame body that is a shortened and modified variant of the one from the SLS AMG. This means that both the front midship positioning of the engine and a transaxle dual-clutch transmission will be used.

Speaking of the engine, it will consist of several variants of an all-new four-liter V8 engine that has been augmented by two twin-scroll turbochargers. With direct injection and the twin-scroll turbos being situated inside the cylinder lines, like on the BMW S63 and the Audi 4.0 TFSI engines, the new four-liter V8 promises to offer tons of enjoyment to AMG GT drivers, as will the car itself when it finally arrives in showroom in March, 2015.


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