Mercedes-AMG GLS63 Doing Donuts Could Start Its Own Baking Show

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Watching a Mercedes-AMG GLS63 drifting in circles in the snow is a bit of a mind bender. On the one hand, doing donuts is one of the least SUV-like activities you can think of, so a bit of syh (shaking your head) is in order.
On the one hand, though, there's snow involved, and this is one of the very few occasions in which having a vehicle with four-wheel-drive and higher ground clearance actually pays off and almost makes sense. So we're a bit conflicted about passing judgement.

Not that we should, mind you. After all, it's that person's car, they're on a public road covered in a very public snow - plus, it looks like it's happening in a country pretty far away from us - so why should we care? Well, because it's more fun when you do, that's why.

Let's go through the GLS63's specs really quickly, just to get them out of the way. It's powered by the old 5.5-liter V8 engine that AMG used to have on lots of its models before the wonderful 4.0-liter came about. It has a healthy 585 hp output rushing toward all four wheels, and when it's not going in circles, it'll hit 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 4.6 seconds.

That sounds just swell, but it's nothing compared to the actual roar of the engine as the SUV is forced to chase its own tail like a rabid dog. You just know you've spent too much time watching videos of electric vehicles when, all of a sudden, the sound of a V8 - just like hundreds (or even thousands) of others you've heard over your entire lifetime - seems almost magical.

But no matter how much you love watching Teslas smoke their competition on the drag strip and how many pictures of Elon Musk you have on your bedroom wall, you simply have to admit that this video - beyond all its douchebaggery - is a perfect reminder of why EVs are going to take some of the joy of driving a car away, while adding some of their own. Just imagine the same clip, but starring a battery-powered car. It's easy, just hit that "mute" button.

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