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Mercedes-AMG E63 S vs. C63 S Coupe Drag Race Proves AWD Always Wins

All-wheel-drive always wins! Well, unless you're doing a drag race between a Caterham and a Range Rover, which is when lightness wins. But here we've only got two brand new Mercedes-AMG models, both fitted with 4-liter twin-turbo engines.
Mercedes-AMG E63 S vs. C63 S Coupe Drag Race Proves AWD Always Wins 2 photos
This machines basically need no introduction. The C63 S was the second AMG with the 4-liter engine after the GT. We've always thought it was fast enough, good-looking and a little overpowered for the traction that was available. However, 2017 is the year when the new E63 S came out.

It's also got a 4-liter V8 engine instead of the 5.5-liter you got in the old car. However, the standard output is about 100 HP better than in the sexy blue coupe. The all-wheel-drive isn't necessarily a new thing for this model, but it is of a better "quality," able to let you have your drift yet still providing that extra layer of protection.

In the drag race, the new E63 S leaves the performance C-Class for dead. "It's nuts, it's completely nuts," says Mat Watson from Carwow.

With a quarter-mile time of 11.2 seconds, the newer car is 0.9 seconds faster than its baby sister. That's a massive result, and all the C63 owner out there are calling foul. But at least until the next generation, AWD is not going to be added. Actually, with launch control, even the RS5 is quicker.

But what happens in a rolling race - is that going to be the traction equalizer? No, not really. The superb E-Class super-saloon is still way quicker, almost inexplicably so. Maybe that C63 has been in one too many drag races and needs its turbo boost checked.

Anyway, if you've got the cash to spend, definitely buy the newer model with AWD because it still drifts. Too bad Mercedes doesn't make an E63 Coupe yet!

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