Mercedes-AMG E 63 S Wagon Does Hands-Free 0-200 KPH (0-124 MPH) Run in 11.3 Sec

What do you do when you have a 612 hp Mercedes-AMG E 63 S on your hands? You go for a drag race. What if there's nobody there to race against? Call a friend. What if you have none they're all busy? Well, your only choice is to go at it alone.
Mercedes-AMG E 63 S T-Modell no hands 1 photo
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Take out your telemetry device because you can't trust the speed on the dashboard and the stopwatch you'd have to operate while driving, engage the Merc's launch mode and sit back and watch the number in the speedometer race toward the 200 km/h (124 mph) target.

The first few runs will be quite exciting. You'll try to beat your time with each new attempt, but after a while, you'll realize you've reached the limit. There is no way you can improve any further, so the challenge is gone. But there's still gasoline in the tank and the empty strip of asphalt isn't going anywhere, so neither are you.

Gustav from GTBOARD had a pretty crazy idea that should come accompanied by the "Do not try this at home" disclaimer, even though few of us have yards that can host a landing strip. He decided to attempt one of the runs without touching the steering wheel. You know, just like that joke: "What were his last words? 'Look, ma', no hands.'"

Except the 612 hp Mercedes behaved nicely. It did dance around the width of the runway, but it never looked out of control as it reached the milestone speed in 11.5 seconds. Try this with a front-wheel-car, and you're sure to end up on the grassy bit before reaching half that speed.

The only time the German performance wagon required the driver's intervention was under braking when it steered dangerously close to the left edge of the pavement. The second run is even quicker: 11.3 seconds. Gustav announces he "needs to do a victory donut," proving what we suspected all along: he was out there to have fun.

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