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Mercedes-AMG A45 Prototype Shows New Details (420 HP), Debut Close

Back in the early 2000s, 400 horsepower was enough for a supercar, with the Ferrari 360 Modena being an example as good as any. Nowdays, you can have this output in a hot hatch. And one the models you'll have to thank for the horsepower explosion is the Mercedes-AMG A45, since this has constantly pushed the upper hp limit of the segment.
Mercedes-AMG A45 Prototype 1 photo
Well, now that 305 hp A35 has landed, the second generation of the A45 is just around the corner (of course, this is based on the Mk IV A-Class). Much to nobody's surprise, Affalterbach once again wishes to take the cake in terms of max muscle.

However, until we get to the tech talk, allow me to introduce the Mercedes-AMG A45 in the spyshot at the bottom of the page (pixel tip to DCN Cars). This tester, which is an A45 Edition One model (the launch version, fitted with multiple goodies, such as that rear wing) shows plenty of skin.

While the current Audi RS3, with its turbo-five, packs 400 horsepwer and the turbo-straight-six-animated BMW M2 Competition comes with 410 ponies (not a direct competitor, though), the new A45 will pack at least 420 horsepower.

Mercedes-AMG has already mentioned the said output for its future "45" models in multiple interviews. This will be the output for the S models, while the standard versions, if we might call them so, will deliver 387 ponies.

The carmaker has also assured us that the new A45 will pack an intelligent AWD system that will allow it to leave the understeer of the first model behind. And, as expected these days, there will be a drift mode that will cater to the needs of tail-out aficionados.

Alas, the US won't receive the A45 - American dealerships only get the A-Class sedan, but this body style hasn't been confimed in "45" form yet.

Nevertheless, US buyers will be able to choose between the CLA45 and the GLA45, while the GLB45 might also be on the list (if you're not familiar with the GLB, here's what you need to know about it).


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