Mental Audi R8 Bi-Turbo Performs Donuts and Drifting

This might look like just another old Audi R8, but it's been fitted with technology the new one doesn't have. We're talking about a twin-turbo engine with 700 horsepower, courtesy of Austrian tuning company Wagenwerk.
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This is strictly a custom twin-turbo setup created by HST Turbotuning. The gigantic blowers sit right at the back of the car, where an Aventador would have its exhaust system. But they aren't there so the car can set a 200 mph half-mile record in Texas. No, they are there because the owner wants to have fun.

We all know how fun a high-strung supercar can be, especially with the right man behind the wheel. Even though the Austrians aren't exactly known for being the most daring drift drivers in the world, this fellow seems to know what he is doing.

In a previous video, he said that he wanted to take the output all the way to 1,000 hp. Despite the shenanigans, it looks like the R8 has been built to race. It's got yellowed headlights and the big rear wing of a touring car. But when you have a super-powered car in your garage and a perfect, wet road, resisting the temptation is impossible.

Even though a Ferrari might seem like the ideal drift supercar, this isn't the first AWD machine we've seen doing donuts. In fact, there is a Monster Energy Murcielago run by Japanese pro ace Daigo Saito. This kind of proves that when it comes to drifting, people want to see the impossible happening. They guy probably drifted every BMW M3 there has ever been, but at one point, he must have decided the engine needs to be behind him. You can't do this with a hot hatch like the A45 AMG, no matter how fast it might be in a straight line.

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