Meet the UFO on Wheels That Is Actually Street Legal

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Photo: Indy Star
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Some people film their entire life and become famous, others use their voices to turn into rockstars, yet some people out there struggle to simply be different. It’s definitely the case of the owner of a Indianapolis-based garage who turned a 1991 Geo Metro car into a flying saucer on wheels that people find as something out of this world.
Steve Anderson, a 58-year old car enthusiast that always wished people would look after him, recently became the owner of an actual UFO on wheels. The vehicle not only looks like it was pulled out of a 1950s science-fiction movie, but it's actually street legal.

Anderson is quite the entrepreneur. Before opening his OK Car Care garage in Indianapolis, he also operated a martial arts shop and even had six dojos, at some point.

According to Indy Star, in Anderson’s auto shop there are photos of him in his youth wearing a mustache and performing karate moves. In one, he is standing with Chuck Norris, the martial arts celebrity. In fact, the car enthusiast has been chasing the path of fame for almost all his life, but things never really turned out as he wished they would.

That is, until his strange car took its first ride, of course

Following his childhood dreams of having his own outer spacecraft, Anderson hired his friend Dennis Bellows to turn his wish into reality. Bellows, who is a diesel mechanic, has been working on similar crazy ideas before with the man, so there was no surprise he’d be asked to literally build a spaceship with wheels.

Since taking delivery in June, Anderson and his girlfriend have spent their spare time crisscrossing Indiana, entering dozens of car shows and cruises, which are like informal car shows. The car owners claim they compete only for trophies.

Apart from its alien look, the vehicle also has its seats covered in shiny, blue vinyl, a steering wheel cut down to resemble an airplane’s yoke. The aluminum rig sits on the chassis of a 1991 Geo Metro, a subcompact.

Turns out, if we look long enough for it, sooner or later we will get our chance to do something special.
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