Meet the Tuning Parents: R34 and Two R35 Nissan GT-Rs

GT-R madness has never stopped, despite the fact that prices for this Japanese have steadily crept up across all markets in the part two years or so. There’s a good reason for that and it’s called heritage.
If you ask us, the fifth generation model built under the R34 Skyline name until 2002 is still a very beautiful car. It’s a rare beast that you can never put a fair price on due to every car being a bit different.

In this video provided by Jorrie2, we have two Nissan 25 GT-Rs n the Switzer P800 form, and one classy-looking R35 with a Mines State 2 kit on it. That’s 2,300 horsepower standing side by side in the same shot.

All three cars are tuned bij Total Car Concept, and Jorrie says there are only 3 P800s in the Netherlands, so it’s quite exciting for two of them to be together.


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