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Meet the R 18 Classic, BMW’s Latest Touring-Oriented Cruiser

Let’s take a minute to drool over BMW Motorrad’s newest player in the R 18 family, shall we?
BMW R 18 Classic 16 photos
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Over the past few weeks, there’s been no shortage of rumors about a possible tourer-style addition to BMW Motorrad’s glorious R 18 lineup. To confirm our prejudices, BMW proceeded to unveil the R 18 Classic on October 22, 2020 – a touring-friendly monstrosity that’ll have just about any gearhead truly lost for words.

This nasty piece of Bavarian machinery features a selection of tweaked characteristics to suit its purpose, such as a colossal windshield for optimized comfort during extended rides and a pair of majestic exhaust pipes that run parallel to the ground below.

Additionally, you will find a considerable amount of storage space in the form of saddle bags, as well as a pillion seat and an LED headlight module complemented by a pair of auxiliary lights. As opposed to the standard R 18, the Classic comes equipped with identical 16-inch hoops on both ends.

Let me tell you, the level of customization you’ll be able to apply on this damn thing is absolutely staggering. To provide an assortment of aftermarket components that’ll give each and every R 18 a personality of its own, BMW will collaborate with the likes of Roland Sands Design and Vance & Hines, to name a couple.

In terms of performance, the R 18 Classic is powered by the same boxer-twin behemoth as the other variants in this range. This bad boy prides itself with an astronomical displacement of no less than 1,802cc. At around 4,750 rpm, this feral beast is capable of delivering up to 91 hp, along with 116 pound-feet (157 Nm) of ungodly twisting force at 3,000 revs.

At this point, pricing for the touring-oriented model remains a mystery. However, what we do know is that BMW’s R 18 Classic will hit dealerships in February 2021. Since the base variant brings about a price tag of $17,495, it’ll be fairly safe to guess that BMW Motorrad’s Classic will cost you around 18,000 bucks or so.

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