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Meet the Patton, a Rugged RV That Combines Prowess With Comfort

There's little doubt that an overlanding trip requires an adventurous spirit. But that's not enough. It also requires a robust vehicle capable of taking travelers anywhere, anytime – one that could also provide the comforts of home. This new rugged RV might have them all.
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The PattonThe PattonThe PattonThe PattonThe PattonThe PattonThe Patton
Kyle, the YouTuber behind the Gott Love channel, recently had the chance to talk about his friend's new toy. It's called the Patton, and it's an amazing overland vehicle based on a Humvee chassis. Everything started four years ago when Kyle's friend Reed Gerdes decided to travel and live life on the road together with his wife.

At the time, all the RV options on the market didn't seem to fit the picture Reed had in mind. He initially wanted to buy a school bus and convert it into the ideal home on wheels. So he met with one of his friends, Jax Austin, who already had been living full-time in a Skoolie. It was the push he needed to buy a 40-foot (12.1-meter) Blue Bird bus.

Although livable, the build was never finished. Something was missing, but Reed couldn't pinpoint the problem. He started looking at Sprinter vans and wished they had better off-road capabilities. Talking with Jax, he realized that he wanted to have a rugged vehicle outfitted with all the comforts of home.

His idea? To convert a Humvee chassis into the ultimate overland vehicle. That's how his company, Wolf Rigs, started to take shape. It took a year and a half to design and build the first vehicle, which he called the Patton. The name was inspired by George S. Patton, one of the most successful generals in U.S. history.

For now, the vehicle is only a prototype, but once it hits the market, Reed Gerdes promises to deliver "the best overland vehicle the world has ever seen." Although the Patton has a rugged exterior, the owner wants to include an interior that contrasts that, a space that would have a homey feeling.

Currently, the company only provided a few renderings of what the vehicle's interior will look like. The Patton is expected to include a living room with a lounge area, a kitchen, a bathroom with a full-size shower, and a bedroom that can fit a queen-size bed.

Hopefully, more details will follow as the rugged RV gets closer to its official debut.

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