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Meet the MINI Rickshaw Taxi from China

If you think that a MINI should only have four wheels and a steering wheel, you’d better look away, because what we’re going to show will surely prove disturbing. What you have here is a mix between the back end of what looks to be a Clubman and the propulsion system of a man and some pedals.
MINI. A new adventure. Every Day 1 photo
We found this image on Cute Funny Stuff only recently and are really puzzled by the fact that one man can pull the whole back end of a car. Even the wheels look like the actual MINI thing, and the whole thing must way at least a couple of hundred kilos.

The good news is that the back seats of a MINI have never looked this more comfortable that they do now. It’s even got a sunroof in good condition and some lion-shaped handles for that ornate feel.


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