Meet Scooterson, the World's First Smart Electric Kick Scooter

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The future is now, these are the world that came into mind when we finished reading what Scooterson's creators have to say about it. Oh, but we forgot to make the introductions! Meet Rolley Scooterson, the world's smartest kick scooter to date.
Scooterson is the creation of four Romanian guys assembled into a team packing more than 60 years of experience combined in engineering and technology, management and marketing, sharing a passion for simple, creative transport solutions.

Gesture-controlled kick scooters? Come on!

The main thing about Scooterson is its smart attribute. Unlike other designs, Rolley Scooterson understands its rider. And acts accordingly. You won't find a throttle grip on its bars, and neither will you have a hard time trying to understand how it works.

All you have to do is keep your iPhone's Bluetooth connection active (and the phone with you) and ride this scooter like you would ride the one in your childhood. Or, at least, begin to.

Scooterson's sensors will monitor how hard you push and estimate how fast you want to go. The smart brain of this two-wheeler will then make the right decision and, in a fraction of a second, power the hub motor or motors. The scoot will obviously come with an option for two motors, adding more grunt to your ride.

The app controls the rest fo the parameters, including the power modes. In Full Power, Scooterson can provide a range of around 50 km (31 miles), but using it in Green Mode can provide up to 15 days before a recharge is needed.

The fob or the smartphone are also used for automatically unlocking the Scooterson

When you stop and park the Scooterson, a built-in cable locks both wheels, and attempting to move the scoot triggers an alarm. The locks can only be deactivated using an authorized phone or Scooterson's own fob.

Making stealing Scooterson an even less lucrative business is the optional GPS tracking module that allows the owner and the cops to track down the missing bike.

On the tech side, Scooterson packs one or two 250W direct drive hub motors, each with a nominal torque of 11.4 Nm (8.4 lb-ft) and capable of reaching five times this figure. Power comes from an automotive lithium-ion battery with an 11 Ah / 400Wh capacity, fully-rechargeable in three hours.

No price is yet known, but we know that Rolley Scooterson will be available from April next year.
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