Meet Russia’s Latest State-Of-The-Art Drones: Earth, Wind and Power

As announced back in July last year, Russia is planning to instate a new division of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that are believed to be some of the most advanced in line so far. Since we’re talking about the military and about an ex-soviet country, it’s still not very clear what exactly makes these drones so special, but we did manage to find out a couple of interesting details.
The Takhion drones are expected to boost combat capabilities of Russian reconnaissance troops 1 photo
The announcement was made today via a press release, that states the Russian Central Military District’s military units located in Siberia have received the advanced UAVs dubbed “Takhion”. “The most advanced unmanned aerial vehicles have entered service at the Russian Central Military District’s intelligence units, stationed in Siberia,” the press service said. Kind of dull right? Wrong, that’s the most you get when it comes to the military, especially when you think of this part of the world.

For some reason these drones are supposed to boost combat capabilities of Russian reconnaissance troops. All that we know is they come with a 40 km (25 miles) range, day and night. Also, there’s no bad weather stopping them from surveilling, since it remains controllable at wind speeds of 15 m/sec which judging by the Beaufort scale is considered somewhere next to “high wind, moderate gale, near gale”.

Reports are saying that
the Takhion can be used as a communication repeater and operates at altitudes of up to 4,000 meters (13,123 feet) above sea level. Moreover, this puppy will still operate properly no matter if it’s freezing cold or burning hot outside, as long as it doesn’t get lower than 30 degrees Celsius or higher than 40.

Other than that, there’s not much info on these new drones. A lot of questions remain unanswered, of course, such as are they able to carry guns, are they autonomous, what source of power do they use? Maybe you guys can help us with these informations.


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