Meet Morgan 3 Wheeler’s Nemesis - the Scorpion P6

If you’re in the market for a small, classy-looking, different and fun-to-drive car, nothing can beat the Morgan 3 Wheeler. Well, almost nothing can, because this Scorpion P6 comes at a lower price but with twice the fun.
Two Scorpion P6 cruising 9 photos
Scorpion P6Scorpion P6Scorpion P6Scorpion P6Scorpion P6Scorpion P6Scorpion P6Scorpion P6
Scorpion Motors is a relatively new company based in Miami that aims to bring petrolheads supercar performances at a fraction of the price. And all these are being offered by their new P6 three-wheeler model.

The firm claims their P6 is actually the world’s fastest production three wheeler and looking at its spec sheet we tend to agree.

For around $26,000 you can get one of the limited production P6s which sort of look like an F1 car that’s missing the rear end. That’s because there’s only one chain-driven wheel there powered by a 600cc Kawasaki bike engine.

Unlike the 82 bhp V-twin in the Morgan, this little four-cylinder beast puts out 126 bhp and 43 lb-ft of torque, enabling it to reach 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds; about twice as fast as the 3 Wheeler.

Power is not the only factor that dictates the performance here, as the P6 also comes with considerably wider tires while the whole thing weighs 730 lb (331 kg) because of its spaceframe construction and composite material outer shell.

There are two things wrong with it though - first is the fact that you don’t have room for a passenger and second, they are selling like hot cakes. All 2013 units have been sold and for a new one you have to place a preorder now.

The 2014 model comes with an updated front suspension, a wider track, longer wheelbase, wider rear tire, carbon fiber seat and fenders, headrest, carpets, new F1 style steering wheel and gauge cluster as well as other available optional features.


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