Meet Luka EV, a Road Legal Electric Car Powered by Hub Motors

Luka EV 15 photos
Photo: Hackaday
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This is a question for all those petrolheads out there supporting green cars: do you think it's possible to build a production electric passenger car in under a year?
Before giving your final answer, consider that someone tried to do it. We found the Luka EV project on Hackaday, and we were instantly attracted by its ambitions. That being said, we'd like to add that the project aims a top speed of 130 km/h (80 mph) and a maximum all-electric range of 300 km (186 miles) on a single battery charge.

For that to happen, the car will have to weigh less than 750 kg (1,653 lb), but there are more challenges to overtake. The EV shouldn't cost more than 20,000 euros ($22,161, at current exchange rates), and it must get certification to drive on European roads by September 1st, 2015. Oh, we almost forgot: it also has to be a beautiful vehicle.

Now that we found out what is keeping the team of enthusiasts motivated let's see what kind of tech will go into the car, shall we?

In the exterior design department, 'a pretty car from the world of gaming' was used as inspiration for the fiberglass body because it's 'too expensive to hire Pininfarina'. That seems legit and funny at the same time.

Now, for the hardware part. The car will feature a battery pack offered in two variants: 19.2 kWh and 24 kWh. Furthermore, it will use hub motors for moving around; two or four, depending on the installed battery pack.

In terms of accessories, besides the vital stuff like the steering wheel, Luka EV will have headlights, sidelights, indicators, brake lights, fog lights, light over registration plate, door handles, wing mirrors and windscreen wipers just like a standard car.

We feel that enough was said, now it's your time to comment on the car, after having a look at the photo gallery below.
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