Meet ChewBaru, a Subaru Covered in 70 Pounds Of Dentures That Will Creep You Out

You know how pop art is supposed to be shocking through the crazy concepts it uses? Well, it’s about that in designer Rex Rosenberg’s case, who decided to take creativity to a spookie level. Originally a bland 1995 Subaru, ChewBaru is an art car covered in 70 pounds of dentures and another 70 pounds of partial dentures, toothbrushes and... dolls.
ChewBaru 11 photos
ChewBaruChewBaruChewBaruChewBaruChewBaruChewBaruChewBaruChewBaruChewBaruChewBaru before its transformation
Rex Rosenberg is definitely not what you call the average car owner. He had always been interested in art cars, getting intel about these types of rides since the late 1990s. But it was only in 2005 when he started thinking of changing his newly bought Subaru into something different.

At first, it was a bit difficult for him to actually find cheap dentures and dental instruments, but Rosenberg did eventually meet a dental student who made and sold dentures online. But 70 pounds of that wouldn’t be enough to cover the entire vehicle so Rex thought of also using dental tools, mannequin heads, doll parts and dental-themed stickers.

Once he had all his raw materials in one place, the “artist” began working on the project. According to Oddity Central, he firstly took the Subaru to the car wash and then took a bunch of before photographs. He then started to glue on all the dental props he had collected. He dipped them all in Varathane and let them dry before using them, to be sure they’d stick. Rex also soaked the recycled dentures in bleach and then sorted and graded them before putting them on his car.

In May 2006, Rex’s many months of work payed off and the ChewBaru was finally ready to hit the road. Since then, he’s driven nearly 90,000 miles across 38 states and showed his car off at more than 40 art shows. Like you’d probably already guessed, the strange Subaru has had mixed reactions, from people saying it's brilliant to others who found it incredibly creepy.

In case he hadn't named it already, we’d tell him to try Tooth Fairy, but that’s not manly enough, is it?
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