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Meek Mill Puts Gold Rims on His Aston Martin Rapide

When Aston Martin built the Rapide sedan, they were probably going for the same buyers as the Porsche Panamera and Maserati Quattroporte. But they probably forgot those are two cars much loved by rappers.
Meek Mill's Rapide 1 photo
One gangsta’ who loves himself a bit of British sexiness with four doors is Meek Mill. The guy loves gold chains, gold watches buckles on his shoes, gold teeth, gold phones and... gold. So can you guess what color his wheels are?

Yep! An according to him, that’s very real 24-karat gold that’s been added to his 22-inch Forgiatos. The car is matte black with tinted glass, and for added contrast, he’s plated the grille and exhaust as well.

Hopefully, somebody at Aston Martin sees this and never sells a car to this guy again!


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