Mechanic’s Last Ride is on a 1957 Foden Truck Turned Into a Hearse

Mechanic gets proper send off on a Foden truck turned into a hearse 5 photos
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An 80-year-old mechanic got the most amazing send-off from his family, friends and working mates, when they arranged that his last drive be on the flatbed of one of his beloved Foden trucks.
Tony Penny lived in London and worked his entire life on Foden trucks, first as driver then as a mechanic, Fox News reports, citing an SWNS report. When he passed away at the age of 80 last week, his wife knew that she would have to find him a ride that he would have been happy with. She was thinking only an FG truck would have pleased him.

She was lucky to find one that had been turned into a hearse. After Tony’s years as an independent mechanic, she knew he would have been happy with what she’d found: a company on the internet was renting a 1957 Foden truck for funeral services. As it happened, it was the same model Tony loved and “knew like the back of his hand.”

Though Classic Foden Lorry Funerals is located 150 miles from London and it took some time to have the truck-cum-hearse delivered (since it only tops 40 mph), they agreed to lend the widow the vehicle. She remains grateful for it.

“I wanted it to be a celebration of his life, we have all these weeks and months to mourn,” she says. “There were lots of people from the lorry [truck] trade at the funeral and they could not believe it but said what a wonderful send off for him.”

Tony’s daughter also believes her mother did right by her father in finding the perfect hearse that was also a truck for his one last drive. “[He] would have been looking down with a massive smile on his face, getting a ride in his beloved Foden for the last time,” she tells the same outlet.
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