Mechanic Who Dropped Out of School Made a 3.6-Ton Transformer-Lookalike Robot by Himself

Luo's 3.6-tons Transformer-Lookalike Robot 4 photos
Dropped School Made a 3.6-tons Transformer-Lookalike Robot by HimselfDropped School Made a 3.6-tons Transformer-Lookalike Robot by HimselfDropped School Made a 3.6-tons Transformer-Lookalike Robot by Himself
We all know that the Transformers franchise is not a big deal only here in the US, it also grew a lot internationally. China is one of the countries where Paramount Pictures made millions with it. In fact, it’s popularity can be seen on the cities’ streets, as more and more DIY craftsmen build lookalike robots out of scrap metal. This fellow made his out of car parts and had nobody else but himself at the job.
It’s a sculpture that looks like Transformers' Autobot. It's been the main attraction of the area recently as it appeared in front of an auto repair shop in Jinhua, East China’s Zhejiang province. The man behind this impressive project is, in fact, a 20-year-old mechanic named Luo Xiaoping that decided to drop school, and open up his auto shop.

Believe it or not, but Luo only finished junior middle school and now runs this business. In fact, the skilled young fellow created his Transformer robot as a landmark to attract customers.

The 6.5-meter-tall metal beast was built out of thousands of auto parts, and it took him more than three months to finish it. According to ECNS, the sculpture weighs an impressive 3.6 tons.

This sculpture might look impressive, but like we said, it’s far from being the only of the type we’ve been writing of. In fact it’s a little over a week since we told guys about this father-and-son business two Chinese craftsmen run.

Ever since they discovered the big interest on the market, they have been turning scrap car parts into Transformers robots for companies around the country. And mind you, they make big cash with it.

It’s some sort of a culture in China nowadays, so if you know anybody that’s better at constructing real-size Optimus Primes and Bumblebees maybe you should spread the word.
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