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Mean Bean Teardrop Trailer Might Be the Last Off-Road Capable Camper You Buy
If you were to ask folks what they look for in a teardrop camper, the top three things are capable, homey, and affordable, basic aspects of any good RV. One team that’s pushing the boundaries of towable homes is Bean Trailer.

Mean Bean Teardrop Trailer Might Be the Last Off-Road Capable Camper You Buy

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Folks, Bean Trailer (BT) is one of those teams that’s been around for over thirty years. In that time, their attention to detail, construction, and overall customer satisfaction has led this crew to be one of the most sought-after teardrop trailer manufacturers around.

Sure, today they manufacture only five different teardrop trailers, but the products available have been developed over decades of experience using fiberglass as the main building material. One of the trailers in their lineup is known as the Mean Bean. This towable’s name alone should give you an idea of what it is you can expect from the trailer; It’s mean and ready to go a bit further than trailers like the Bean Stock, the most basic trailer from BT.

Now, one of the more important features of the Mean Bean is its actual construction. Currently, the chassis is a powder coated steel tube frame with a pitched torsion axle, and fixed 8,000-lb (3,628-kg) jack. With 15.5 inches (39.4 cm) of ground clearance and 15-inch steel wheels and AT tires, this puppy sounds like the sort of trailer that just might be ready to take an off-road beating.

The shell of the Mean Bean is also one of the features in which BT places great emphasis, after all, it’s the component that will make or break your living environment. A one-piece fiberglass shell with marine-grade gelcoat is the main attraction here, but so are the colored sidewalls, stand-on aluminum fenders, front storage rack, and those two massive side entry doors. I'll get talking about the rear galley shortly.

Another system that any off-roading or adventure-seeking individual may seek is an ample electrical system. For the Mean Bean, BT equipped a 100-amp deep cycle AGM battery, power converter, shore power, and solar port. Two AC wall plugs and USB plugs complete this system. There are also countless LED lights, side markers, and two outdoor porch lights.

As for the living space inside, BT shows their expertise with an insulated ceiling, stain and abrasion-resistant wall coverings, soft-touch vinyl headliner, and dimmable recessed lighting inside. Some of these features are absolutely essential if you’re the sort of adventurer that likes to spend as much time outside as possible.

Part two of the interior brings massive amounts of storage in the floor, four plastic laminated interior cabinets and galley pass through, and two large drawers under the cabinet. A Trofast compatible shelving system, an actual attic, and 14-inch (35.5-cm) roof vent are also part of this interior. As for sleeping, the Mean Bean includes a 4.5-inch-thick (11.43-cm) queen foam mattress, but a few other bedding options do exist such as bunk bedding in case you’re planning a family trip.

As for meals, one thing that BT likes to do is include a galley at the rear of their campers. If you start getting hungry on your trip, the rear galley includes features like a two-burner stove, lower storage under the sink, stainless-steel sink with foldaway faucet, and a powder-coated cooler/fridge on a slide-out. Countless storage for things like spices, utensils, and food stuffs are also standard.

Now, it may sound like this is the end of the story, but it isn’t. If you feel that this galley doesn’t include everything you need, BT offers three different kitchen layouts that are tuned to greater and greater needs.

Overall, the Mean Bean comes in with a length of 14.02 ft (427 cm), width of 7.33 ft (223.5 cm), and height of 81 in (205.7 cm). With a dry weight of 1,800 lbs (816 kg), this towable should offer enough room to really deck it out how you want, and still have room for some options.

And yes, the story does continue. When you visit the manufacturer’s website, and look to spend the $20,900 (€17,725 at current exchange rates) on a standard Mean Bean, you’ll also be enticed with countless options to really extend the capabilities on your trailer. Things like a Thule roof rack, children’s bunk, solar and gravity fed road shower, and even a rooftop tent are all things you can add to your mobile home to make it your own. Of course, all that will run you extra, so do bring a checkbook.

As the future continues to carry us through it, manufacturers like Bean Trailer should be keeping up with technological changes and trailer designs in order to ensure continuous business. Are you willing to dish out near $21K for this puppy?

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