MDC's Mega-Cheap 15-Year Edition Hybrid XT10E Lays Down the Law for a Camper Done Right

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Photo: Market Direct Campers / Edited by autoevolution
15-Year Edition XT10E15-Year Edition XT10E15-Year Edition XT10E15-Year Edition XT10E15-Year Edition XT10E15-Year Edition XT10E15-Year Edition XT10E15-Year Edition XT10E15-Year Edition XT10E Galley15-Year Edition XT10E Galley15-Year Edition XT10E Interior15-Year Edition XT10E15-Year Edition XT10E
If you have any idea how folks do off-grid and off-road living in Australia, then you may have some idea of what to expect from the XT10E. But this is the 15-Year Edition, so expect a tad more than you're used to, yet, at a price that makes me want to hop on a flight to Aussieland and ship one of these back to my hometown.
$40,000 is the starting price for this special edition overland camper from Market Direct. However, that price is in Australian dollars, so, in reality, it's a tad over $26,500 American (at current exchange rates). That's all this thing costs, leaving you with enough cash to head to Australia, make the modifications necessary for American roads and infrastructure, and even ship it back to the US. What more could you want? Well, a whole lot, actually, and that's where the beauty of this machine comes into play; it has everything you need to hit the road and possibly never look back for days to weeks at a time.

Now, the XT10E is considered a hybrid camper, but this doesn't refer to its ability to live off sunlight, water, and gas tanks. It does, however, refer to the camper's pop-top ability. As you're towing this thing behind your truck, all 1,540 kg (3,395 lbs) of dry weight, the top is to be secured to the rest of the shell, creating an impermeable seal for the interior, and only once you've arrived at your destination, will you be able to behold its true size. With the addition of an annex and tent suite, you'll be looking at a full-blown campsite.

Ensuring you do make it to wherever you'd like to go, a galvanized steel chassis, independent coil-spring suspension with two shock absorbers on each side, and a Cruisemaster DO35 hitch are standard. I told you they don't play around in the land down under. Alloy wheels with MT tires and 12 in asymmetric brakes complete the base for the 10E. Sitting on top of all this is a shell made up of aluminum/composite panels.

15\-Year Edition XT10E
Photo: Market Direct Campers
This is also the point where I'd like to attract your attention to all the little storage bays and exterior gear the 10E has in store. At the front, a nosecone storage locker with three bays can be spotted, and more storage is then integrated along the sides. Some of these spaces are designated for features and systems that make up the slide-out galley, and some are for anything you need on your journey. At the rear, a spare tire mount is visible. Best of all, the 10E's shell allows owners to add an array of tent annexes and an outdoor shower. Yes, this is a habitat for the true outdoor lover.

Speaking of outdoors, before we head inside, let's go over the sort of experience you can access. I mentioned that the 10E has a slide-out galley, and here, you'll be able to access a three-burner top, sink and faucet, and countertop, but you'll need to bring your own fridge/freezer along. Oh, and those trays; they have storage bays, too, to be used for gas cans, others for utensils and Tupperware. There's even a beer bottle opener on one of them too.

Another strong point for the 10E is the electrical system that MDC has in store. A 200 Ah battery is in and kept at full with a 5-stage charger from Projecta and a solar charger from the same manufacturer too. A BMS (Battery Management System) completes the electrical upgrades. Yes, upgrades, because this is the 15-Year Edition, and the rest of this setup is complete with four 100 W solar panels and a 1,000 W inverter, all from Projecta.

15\-Year Edition XT10E
Photo: Market Direct Campers
Ok. so all that off-grid, off-road, and outdoor living stuff aside, we do need to dive into the interior of the 10E. Why? I'll be honest, I found the living space to be a rather modest one, and that means a simplicity that actually comes across as rather freeing. Nothing other than a double bed, modular dinette, and some storage space is found inside each unit. This brings across that whole intimate and quaint feeling that you can only get when you and your partner share such a tight space. But remember, it's not too tight. Windows all around ensure that even spending time indoors keeps you connected with the world outside.

Put all this together, and what do you get? Well, let's take a short trip through our imagination. Once you've made it to that X on your map, unfurl this camper's systems, awnings, and annexes, cook a meal, and enjoy life in a place where the only sounds around are that of the local wildlife and the occasional awning fluttering in the wind. If it's late in the day, why not make a fire and enjoy a star-filled sky with no city lights to impede your view?

The next day, you'll get out of bed, bones rested from the foam mattress, and head back outside to prepare a cup of Joe. Pull out the trays and get to work. Why not whip up breakfast while you're at it? After a bit of sitting around and digesting, it's time to seize the day with whatever your itinerary has in store. All the while, the XT10E is sitting around, charging its batteries, and keeping cool for your return. Sounds like one hell of a lifestyle to be living for just $26,500.

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