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McLaren to Show P12 Supercar Concept in Paris

The British motorsports experts at McLaren have built an excellent contender for the supercar game, one which challenged a car with all the heritage in the world right from its first generation. We are of course talking abut the Ferrari 458 rivaling McLaren MP4-12C.
P12 prototype 1 photo
With a result like that, the word is waiting, holding its breath in anticipation for what’s to come next. The P12 supercar will soon be launched, making its way to the upcoming Paris Motor Show as a concept, before entering full scale production.

Will the full details on the car have yet to be revealed, McLaren has given us a glimpse into what’s behind the P12 name.

The concept in Paris will be powered by a tuned version of the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 in the MP4-12C. We don’t have exact power rating yet, but rumors suggest it could be as much as 900 hp in combination with a KERS hybrid system.

The P12 will also be a technological showcase into how a car can perform, offering “the world’s best aerodynamics”, according to Ian Gorsuch, regional director of McLaren for the Asia Pacific.

“We are not revealing the power yet, but we don’t get into the game of competing on numbers,” Gorsuch says. “This is going to be extreme in technology: how it delivers power, how it handles. Technology is delivering performance with finesse.”

Story via Inside McLaren


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