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McLaren Speedtail Unboxing Is Cooler (and Shorter) Than Any Similar iPhone Video

Because we humans love to see others brag about their latest acquisitions, we are suckers for what is now the phenomenon of unboxing videos. Anything from smartphones to home appliances and toys seem to go through this process under the watchful eyes of the world, and the Internet is literally flooded with such exploits.
McLaren Speedtail 1 photo
What we don’t get to see as much as we’d like are unboxing videos of cars. There are much fewer of them out there, and, in most cases, a hell of a lot shorter than most iPhone unboxing videos.

Kind of like the one we're here to talk about, shot upon the arrival at McLaren Dallas (and subsequent unboxing by a crew) of a very rare McLaren Speedtail. We’ve got close to two minutes of video, described by the narrator as the “one of the coolest, elevated unboxing experiences we’ve ever done.” And that's about right.

Why unboxing? Well, because this particular McLaren did not arrive at the dealer exposed in the back of a trailer, as cars usually do, but inside a massive crate. One that once lowered from the trailer, is surrounded by an entire team of workers, needed on site to remove the wooden panels.

Once enough of them are out of the way, the car rolls onto the pavement, slowly and carefully. You can watch the unboxing video at this link.

The Speedtail arrived into the world in 2018 as a tribute to the F1 of the 1990s. Made in the exact same number as the iconic McLaren car, the Speedtail was quickly spoken for, despite the £1.75 million ($2.4 million at today’s exchange rates) plus taxes price tag.

The Speedtail was declared on introduction the fastest McLaren ever built, topping at 403 km/h (250mph). That is possible thanks to a gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain rated at 1,050 combined ps.


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