McLaren Speedtail Hyper GT to Boast 18 Carat White-Gold Badge

Back in 1993, the McLaren F1 used a gold foil as a heat shield in the engine compartment. It was a touch of bling to a car that over the decades has become an iconic McLaren.
McLaren Speedtail gold badge 4 photos
McLaren Speedtail gold badgeMcLaren Speedtail gold badgeMcLaren Speedtail gold badge
25 years later, the Woking-based builder is getting ready to introduce the Speedtail, its first hyper GT and at the same time a tribute to the F1 icon.

There will be more than one feature of the Speedtail that will make the car unique, including the insanely large number personalization options the carmaker has in mind for the 106 people who said yes to the £1.75million plus taxes machine.

The carmaker will offer for instance Speedtail buyers the option of choosing emblems made from 18 carat white gold with carbon-fiber inlays. And this is only the first of several badging options to be presented before the car’s reveal next week.

Featuring the laser-etched McLaren Speedmark logo on it, the emblem has been designed by Vaughtons, a famous British jewelry house in Birmingham that also designed Olympic gold medals and the FA Cup.

“As beautiful pieces of exquisitely hand-crafted jewelry, the white-gold badges perfectly set off a car that in every way represents a new gold standard for McLaren luxury,” said in a statement McLaren’s design director Rob Melville.

“They fit perfectly with the philosophy of the Speedtail, the most luxurious car in McLaren Automotive’s portfolio, as well as paying homage to its forebear, the McLaren F1.”

The gold badge will not be the only one offered for buyers. In all two brand badges for the front and one name badge for the rear will be available, including a lacquered transfer emblem for those who worry the 100 extra grams of the gold piece could affect the car’s performances.

Full details on the car are not yet known, but McLaren said the car will reach a top speed of 243 mph (391 kph), the same as the F1, thanks to the over 1,000 ps engine fitted on it. The car will be constructed in a futuristic way with the use of “exquisite new materials.”

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