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McLaren Speedtail Gets Koenigsegg Regera Touches in Brutal Rendering

McLaren has swept us all off our feet yesterday, dropping the majestic Speedtail. We're talking about a hyper-GT, one whose three-seater layout makes it a proper successor for the iconing F1.
McLaren Speedtail Gets Koenigsegg Regera Touches 1 photo
Given the monstrous velocity figures of the Woking toy, comparing it to other hypercars on the market is innevitable. In fact, the Internet did more than that, mixing the McLaren Speedtail and the Koenigsegg Regera.

The render we have here is a mashup involving elements from both hypercars. And while the Brit comes with uber-clean lines, spicier visual elements coming from the Swede have been added to the first.

Returning to the numbers of the McLaren Speedtail, the automotive producer hasn't released the full details of the vehicle's powertrain, only mentioning that this uses hybrid power and deliver a thousand horsepower.

Nevertheless, the Macca is said to need just 12.8 seconds for the 0 to 186 mph (make that 300 km/h) sprint. For the record, this makes the Speedtail singificantly quicker than the Bugatti Chiron (keep in mind that the Bug packs 1,500 horses), with the latter requiring 13.1 seconds for the task.

As for the Koenigsegg Regera, we're talking about a hybrid that brings no less than 1,500 ponies to the game, with one of its most impressive features coming from the transmissionless powertrain.

Well, the Regera beats the Speedtail at the said game, since it can hit 186 mph in 12.3 seconds.

Then again, as it the case with the battle between the 2+2 Porsche 911 and its two-seater rivals, the British model can accomodate three humans, while the Angelholm machine can only cater to the transportation needs of two.

Regardless, we can't wat to see the two velocity tool being thrown at each other in a real-world test. And with certain aficionados believing hybrids should be skipped in favor of all-electric toys, the machines we have here beg to differ.


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