McLaren Senna vs. 720S Sound Battle Is Anticlimactic

Ever since McLaren resumed the road car side of its business back in 2011, the Brits have been delivering one impressive punch after another. From the staggering performance of their machines to the uber-sharp business model they use (which isn't that far from Porsche's one), the Woking people always know how to sweep us off our feet. And yet their machines don't incorporate a key aspect of supercars and hypercars, namely the emotional component.
McLaren Senna vs. 720S Sound Battle 7 photos
McLaren Senna vs. 720S Sound BattleMcLaren Senna vs. 720S Sound BattleMcLaren Senna vs. 720S Sound BattleMcLaren Senna vs. 720S Sound BattleMcLaren Senna vs. 720S Sound BattleMcLaren Senna vs. 720S Sound Battle
For one thing, Maccas have come a long way in terms of the driving experience - while the MP4-12C's ESP seemed to step on the driver's toes in terms of powersliding, nowadays you get a sweet little thing called Variable Drift Contro, which lets you decide the slip angles you can achieve before the nannies kick in.

Alas, the soundtrack of McLaren models doesn't seem to be getting any better. You see, the automotive producer has gone from a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 to a 4.0-liter incarnation of the engine, but it appears that the voice of the newcomer is even less impressive than that of the replaced powerplant.

And the decibel battle we've brought along for today, which throws the McLaren 720S and the Senna at each other, is a brilliant example of this.

The two Maccas are compared by the crew over at autocar, with the aural battle involving multiple challenges, as you'll get to notice in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page.

As you'll notice once you zoom in on the video, choosing a winner can be quite difficult and you'll need to turn up that volume.

And yes, this is part of a four-episode battle between the Senna and the 720S. You are now looking at episode three, with the second one including a time attack and the first revolving around a 0-100-0 mph test.

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