McLaren P1 Made from Paper Is an Amazing Build

Ever wondered how gaming would be like in an universe where the McLaren P1 was launched at the same time with low-res racing games? Think about the first Gran Turismo or Need For Speed II for instance. Sure, McLaren was busy bringing the F1 to the world at the time and with the computing power available back then, it would have been impossible to complete a development such as the P1.
McLaren P1 Made from Paper 1 photo
Nonetheless, the P1 papercraft in the adjacent video offers us just that: a polygon-friendly version of the Mac. Actually, this paper hypercar was built using textured printed templates, which were glued together.

The project was spread over... 40 pages, including 139 parts and as usual with such toys, you’ll have to check out the details in order to asses the overall build. In this case, we are dealing with superb attention to details, something that increases the P1’s alien aura.
The builder: Taras Lesko
The McLaren P1 papercraft comes from artist Taras Lesko, who is now selling it online - you can order the PDF file for $3.99 (EUR3.3 at the current exchange rate) and handle the printing yourself, while a fully-printed teamplate can be had for $24.99 (EUR20.5).

As you can imagine, the P1 isn’t the artist’s first venture into the papercraft world. For instance, we talked about the man’s Lamborghini Aventador last year. That was a massive 1:2 scale model that tipped the scales at 25 lbs (11.3 kg).

As for his personal life, we can tell you that, for example, he built the Raging Bull after being dared to by his wife.

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