McLaren P1 Designer Dissects the Hyundai N Vision 74, He's a Believer

Frank Stephenson is probably one of the most influential car designers globally. He has been involved in exceptional projects over the years. From Ferrari to BMW and from Maserati to McLaren, his work has changed the shape of the modern car. Now, other designers are stepping in with bold, futuristic projects. Hyundai’s N Vision 74 is one of them. Here’s what Stephenson has to say about it.
Frank Stephenson Analyzing the Hyundai N Vision 74 6 photos
Frank Stephenson Analyzing the Hyundai N Vision 74Frank Stephenson Analyzing the Hyundai N Vision 74Frank Stephenson Analyzing the Hyundai N Vision 74Frank Stephenson Analyzing the Hyundai N Vision 74Frank Stephenson Analyzing the Hyundai N Vision 74
Hyundai’s at it again and they might do it masterfully. After the all-electric Ioniq 5 surprised everyone with its retro look, and the Ioniq 6 confirmed a new trajectory for the carmaker, now it’s time for something more interesting – a wild concept for the third millennium with strong vibes borrowed from a simpler recent past.

Nothing gives a sign of approval fast enough as saying “it’s about time something like this came to market” and “they pulled off a magic trick.” The well-known designer started his analysis with an unexpected, bold opening and practically sealed the deal from the very first minute. However, there are some things Stephenson would like to touch on and he explains.

He says Hyundai’s concept looks like it was born from the 1970s era when you look at the car’s front, but categorizes it as a “sexy-looking” thing since the top view gives you a better perspective on the tight waistline that’s accentuated by the fenders. The designer argues this is almost a subtle attempt at reminding people of the famous pin-up girl shape.

Frank Stephenson says the Hyundai Pony that never made it into production is what inspired the N Vision 74 and takes a dig at Tesla for making a square-looking pickup truck. The man argues that’s something designers never want or intend to do because there needs to be some tension, a subtle way to express acceleration for the side view of the vehicle. Hyundai’s concept has rigid lines, but the designer argues the carmaker has implemented them well – they cleverly camouflaged everything!

Stephenson argues the N Vision 74 would do better without the big rear wing because it adds unnecessary visual weight but also points out that the concept has too many exaggerated width-enhancing lines. However, he also says this futuristic retro-looking sports vehicle is almost reminding him of the legendary Ferrari Testarossa.

Watch his full take on Hyundai’s attempt at recreating the almost 50-year-old Pony concept for the current decade with a bit more hydrogen-powered oomph and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us down below!

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