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McLaren P1 Breaks Down at Villa d'Este

2013 Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este was supposed to be a great event for McLaren to show off their ultimate car, a hybrid machine with UFO looks. However, the P1 they brought to Italy proved to be a small embarrassment and a headache, as he car broke down during the show.
McLaren P1 breaks down in Itally 1 photo
The complicated electronic systems used by the hybrid supercar meant Gremlins appeared, and the P1 simply wouldn't start.

Engineers had the bonnet up, looking at the battery and the electronics, trying to figure out what went wrong. But it just wouldn't start and had to be pushed into the show.

We can't say for sure what went wrong, but the display says "Park Brake Fault. Call McLaren Service Centre" and shows the dreaded red "P" light. The other display screen which Marchettino managed to film shows a host of other faults for the batter, water pump, fuel, ESC and even the tire pressure sensor. Yep, she's shot through and through!

Editor's note: Was that a BMW engineer helping them?!

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