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McLaren May Join Mercedes and Lotus in Using Double DRS System

Mercedes F1 developed a system which allows the race car to reach a higher top speed on the straights, by channeling air through a series of ducts, for the purpose of re-routing air from the car’s rear wing, towards the front-wing pillars, in order for it to blow onto the front-wing flaps, and thus reduce drag.
Mercede-Benz Double DRS 1 photo
After Mercedes, Lotus developed their own variation of the system and now McLaren will be making their own as well. According to McLaren’s Sporting Director, Sam Michael, “it’s not like the Lotus one, but we are studying such a system”. The use of the system at the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix, at Spa Francochamps, may help the British team regain its composure, after a noticeable performance dip on Lewis Hamilton’s side.

Hamilton said "I think it’s still difficult to predict accurately who’ll win the next grand prix, but I reckon the coming few weeks ought to give us a much clearer idea of the destination of the world title [. . .] There’s no team with a clear advantage, although we’re all pushing hard to catch Fernando in the drivers’ championship, so there’s still everything to play for."

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