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McLaren CEO Praises Porsche 911 GT3, Uses It to Benchmark the P13

Auto reviews suggest the McLaren 12C is a match for the Ferrari 458 Italia, though not on the driver engagement front. But anybody who's driven one will attest to the the astonishing performance, which is actually akin to that of a more expensive Aventador. Lamborghini or Ferrari – that's high praise for the British firm who's product lineup is basically 3-years old, but they'd be much happier if we compared them to Porsche!
Porsche 911 GT3 1 photo
In a recent interview with Pistonheads, McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt revealed a secret soft spot he has for the new Porsche 911 GT3. "The GT3 is one of the most impressive new cars I've driven. I was genuinely astonished at how accomplished that car is," he says.

That's high praise to bestow on what's essentially a rival sportscar, but that's not even the half of it. McLaren has actually bought a GT3 and have been using it as a benchmark for their new model. The model known internally as the P13 is a watered down version of the 12C, with some of the more expensive components taken off. It will likely be ready within a year and would cost only 20% more than the German track tool.

The only new technical piece of information we're fed is that practicality and usability are being engineered into the new budget McLaren. It will not be a 2+2, but there could be a slight increase in clearance and better cargo carrying capacity.
In his interview, Flewitt also defends Porsche over the 911 GT3 fire recall, saying that "modern cars are so complex there isn't a car company in the world that hasn't recalled cars for something."

Our say: We get what McLaren is saying. The Brits are less about selling shirts and perfume and more about engineering. How can you not like that?


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