McLaren 720S Sets The Tesla Model S P100D Straight With a Drag Race

Like the reign of a tyrannical monarch, Tesla's dominance over the drag racing scene finally appears to be coming to an end. The hero who dethrones it originates from a long line of warriors, the McLaren 720S.
McLaren 720S Finally Sets Tesla Model S P100D Straight With a Drag Race 3 photos
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McLaren 720S Finally Sets Tesla Model S P100D Straight With a Drag RaceMcLaren 720S Finally Sets Tesla Model S P100D Straight With a Drag Race
First came the 12C then the 650S. Both of them were amazingly fast, capable of keeping up with more expensive V12 Lamborgini or Ferrari supercars despite their small engines and traction limitations. Nobody is surprised that the 720S is faster, but there's really no contest between it and the Tesla Model S P100D.

I wonder if Elon Musk is going to tweet about this one too. Did you know he actually posted the Aventador SV drag race, boasting that a Tesla is faster than a $500,000 supercar? Well, now it's slower than a $285,000 British one.

Off the line, the P100D has all the advantage, starting with two electric motors (one per axle) that deliver instant power. The 720S's launch is fantastic for a rear-wheel drive car, pushing right to the edge of what current tire technology can offer. However, it's still a little slower than the Ludicrous EV over the first few yards.

But after about half a second, the turbos kick in, and the new 4-liter V8 proves that internal combustion can still dominate in a drag race. Of course, these races aren't exactly fair for the Tesla, which is a family sedan.

However, people just want to see it lose. At the beginning of the video, the guy behind the Drag Times channel even talks about the recently released World's Greatest Drag Race 7, where Motor Trend crowned the Model S as the speed king. But he noted that cars with the potential to beat it, such as this McLaren or the Porsche 918, weren't present.

What can we say, we're McLaren fans, and the styling of the 720S even manages to make the Model S look old-fashioned.

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