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McLaren 720S Gets Frozen Gold HRE Wheels, Looks Mesmerizing

The McLaren 720S can be labeled as the current sensation of the supercar market (more on this below). As such, it's no wonder that aftermarket developers are determined to use the Woking machine as a rolling showcase for their goodies.
McLaren 720S on HRE Wheels 5 photos
McLaren 720S on HRE WheelsMcLaren 720S on HRE WheelsMcLaren 720S on HRE WheelsMcLaren 720S on HRE Wheels
Of course, with the 650S replacement still being uber-young, the tuners haven't had too much time to play with the thing. Nevertheless, we can now bring you an example of a McLaren 720S that has been touched by the aftermarket wand; albeit in a light manner.

To be more precise, American developer HRE Wheels has recently played with such a Macca and you are now checking out the result. The twin-turbo V8 wielder has been gifted with HRE P103 rims, which come in a Frozen Gold finish that makes them stand out from a distance.

The wheels feature a multi-spoke design, with the slim spokes allowing us to take a peek at the generous carbon-ceramic stopping hardware of the supercar.

Keep in mind that the McLaren 720S has yet to lose a drag race. So far, the British missile has battled machines such as an 1,000 HP first-gen Ford GT and a Tesla Model S P100D, while even competing against its own kind (think: a 650S tuned to 829 ponies).

P.S.: Returning to the point we made in the intro, you might wonder why we didn't also mention another supercar that currently dominates the attention charts, namely the 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS.

The Rennsport Neunelfer is currently the quickest production car on the Nurburgring, having lapped the infamous German track in 6:47 (here's the Ring blitz. Nevertheless, we're looking at the fiercest Neunelfer to date, a track special delivering a visceral driving experience. And while this is a monster asset for Zuffenhausen, the Macca, with its extremely generous visibility and its extra coziness features, reaches a wider audience.


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