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McLaren 720S Face Swap for Toyota 86 Looks Like a Budget Supercar

Have you ever tried to be someone you're not? This kind of tale usually doesn't come with a happy ending, even if we're just talking about cars. For instance, here's Hyundai-based Bugatti Chiron replica (oh, the drama!) that has the potential to ruin everybody's day. However, there is one scenario of the sort that can easily put a smile on our faces and it involves sportscar/supercar face swaps.
McLaren 720S Face Swap for Toyota 86 1 photo
And the McLaren 720S sitting before us is an example as good as any. Did I say McLaren? I should've referred to this contraption as a Toyota, since we're looking at an 86 that has borrowed the face of a 720S.

Now, before purists start fretting about this Woking impersonator, I have to stress the fact that we're dealing with a mere rendering.

Heck, this isn't even the first time when the little RWD sportscar has put on the 720S mask. You see, this virtual contraption comes in the kind of yellow shade that really makes one think of a Macca, but the concept had already shown up in blue.

The pixels that make up this brilliant play come from Yasid Oozear, an artist who won't get out of bed in the morning (or whenever he likes to wake up) unless he can play the trolling card.

In fact, we might be dealing with a sportscar face swap trend here. For instance, many of you seemed to enjoy the cosplay involving the Toyota Supra and the Toyota 86: here's the first trying to look like the latter and here's a stunt that sees the tables being turned.

Stepping out of the rendering realm, though, I'll remind you that such impersonation stunts can also take place in the real world. For instance, here's a tiny Daihatsu that wanted to be an R35 GT-R. And nearly pulled it off.


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