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McLaren 720S Drag Races Tuned Hellcat (Manual), The Result Is Brutal

The sprinting performance of the McLaren 720S is one of the worst kept secrets of the drag racing realm. Howe could it be different, when the Woking animal can play the quarter-mile game in as little as 9.7 seconds, which allows it to leave the members of the Holy Trinity behind (P1 included)?
McLaren 720S Drag Races Tuned Hellcat (Manual) 4 photos
McLaren 720S Drag Races Tuned Hellcat (Manual)McLaren 720S Drag Races Tuned Hellcat (Manual)McLaren 720S Drag Races Tuned Hellcat (Manual)
Of course, this means that any 720S driver showing up at a drag racing event will get plenty of competition from modded machines. And a recent example of this involves a muscle car that was built to run, despite its hefty scale footprint, namely the Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

A stock example of the Mopar machine would have no chance against the British supercar, but that's only fair considering the astronomical pricing difference between the two.

However, the wielder of the Hellcat that brought us here took the Dodge down the aftermarket path before duking it out with the McLaren.

To be more precise, the supercharged 6.2-liter V8 that occupies the engine compartment of the Challenger was massaged way past 800 horsepower - according to the owner, this Hellcat now delivers 750 ponies at the rear wheels.

And to put the newfound muscle down, the machine has been gifted with Nitto 315-section rubber. Of course, the hooner behind the wheel only uses this tires for battle, while driving on normal summer tires in between racing episodes.

In between the engine and the rear wheels, we find a six-speed manual, while means the driver has to work his way through the race.

Now, if you happen to be in a hurry, you can skip to the 13:12 point of the video below for the battle between the 720S and the Hellcat. Then again, the rest of the clip is also worthy of attention, as it's loaded with drag racing action. And you should know the 720S wasn't the only McLaren at the said velocity event.

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