McLaren 720S Does Amazing 174 MPH 1/2-Mile Run, Ties Porsche 918 Spyder

The McLaren 720S never ceases to swipe us off our feet, with the latest feat of the Woking animal coming from the drag racing realm. To be more precise, the supercar has engaged in a 1/2-mile sprint, with the results being nothing short of stunning.
McLaren 720s Does Amazing 174 MPH 1/2-Mile Run 4 photos
McLaren 720S 1/2-mile runMcLaren 720S 1/2-mile runMcLaren 720S 1/2-mile run
The freshest Macca out there managed to complete the said task at 174 mph and, if we are to pay attention to the owner of the machine, the conditions weren't ideal.

Now, that velocity number places the 720S into hypercar territory. And while the comparison involving the Bugatti Veyron might seem out of place, since the Molsheim animal is now one decade old, the fact that the British supercar can tie the Porsche 918 Spyder is a remarkable feat.

However, if we check the specs of the two velocity tools, the 1/2-mile results mentioned above appear to be normal. For one thing, both the Zuffenhausen halo car and the 650S replacement pack 2.1 kilos per each pony.

Interestingly, while Porsche is known for its uber-conservative official numbers, we can say the same about McLaren, especially when it comes to the 720S. As we discussed last month, a dyno adventure revealed that the 720 hp official crank output of the thing isn't even close to its measured crankshaft numbers, which sits well above the 750 hp border. That's because the British devil managed to deliver 700 horses at the rear wheels.

Of course, the Porscha's all-wheel-drive nature, along with the instant electric torque coming from its hybrid side, would give it a serious edge in a standing start brawl.

Speaking of which, we'll remind you that while the McLaren 720S needs at least 10.1 seconds to play the quarter-mile game, the 918 Spyder can deal with this task in under ten seconds.

Until we get to see a race between the the speed tools, you can check out the dashboard action showcasing the Macca's 1/2-mile sprinting in the piece of footage below.

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