McLaren 650S Drag Races 900 HP Nissan GT-R with Surprising Results

McLarens are the kind of cars that make the back of your neck hurt under full throttle and the 650S is obviously no exception to that. To show you just how fast Woking’s current “bread and butter” model is, we’ve brought along a drag race that see it competing against a supped-up GT-R.
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As its name suggests, this McLaren delivers 650S, while the Godzilla in question has been dialed all the way up to 900 HP. The two battle it out on airport runway, using a rolling start to even out the incipient phase.

Sure, the 900 HP GT-R takes the lead, but, given the hp difference between the two, the McLaren puts up an unbelievable fight. We are, of course, talking about steel versus carbon fiber and composite panels here, so if you wanted an explanation for the 650S’ dynamic appeal, this is it.

The similarities between the engines of the two supercars stop at "twin-turbo 3.8-liter"

Interestingly enough, both supercar are powered by 3.8-liter engines. And while the V8 in the British machine is way ahead of the GT-R’s V6 in stock form, the Nissan benefits from the help of the tuning world.

Ever since the current R35 Nissan GT-R came to the world back in 2007, people have been crazy about tuning the VR38DETT under the hood. It’s ironical how Nissan thought it could stop that, threatening to void the warranty, while now they’ve finally embraced the phenomenon.

Meanwhile, the Godzilla has passed the 2,000 hp mark and we’re talking about the fastest quarter mile GT-R in the world, the Alpha Omega, which is tuned on American soil. In fact, you can check out the Alpha Omega's 2015 incarnation here. Such ridiculous hp figures mean a 900 hp kit such as the one on the vehicle here can be entirely streetable.

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